Good Pregnancy

I am at the end of my pregnancy, cant believe it. I was very scared at the beginning because of what happened last time. I had to put that at the back of my mind during this pregnancy. It wasnt easy to do that. I had to think only about this pregnancy and focus on this baby coming. I do know that i will never forget about the baby i lost , that baby will forever be missed everyday of our lives. I also know that this baby will learn about her brother when she is old enough. I will always love him even though I never got to see him. I am very thankful to be able to have this baby in my life. If anyone has any information that they would like to give me on anything leave me a comment. I will be posting pictures of the baby once i get home with her. Thanks for all of your support.

Parenting in 2019

Does anyone ever have parenting issues like i do ? Guys here are some of my parenting issues, one is i always feel like i am parenting bymyself. I thought that when you have kids with a person, that that person would help you with the kids not make you feel like you are all alone on this journey. The journey of parenting alone is hard enough without complications of the other parent being in the kids lives , but sometimes feeling like there is no help from them. I guess my parenting journey for now will be me alone with my children. I dont mind because i will probably have a better chance of having special alone time with them . Its better to parent alone sometimes without the other parent if it isnt going to be the right way with two parents. Life would be much easier if i could just find a person that would love me , treat me with respect, love my kids the way i love them, and also that me and the new person could possibly be on the same page of taking care and giving love and discipline my children together . Well people, i would like some input on this topic if anyone out there has any input to write.

Pregnancy after a Miscarriage

Hola mi gente, hi my people of wordpress I have experienced the most worst situation in my life, last year i had my first miscarriage of my life and it was so traumatizing and depressing . I can never imagine how other women have felt until it happened to me. If anyone has any input just add to my comments. I am astonished on the way still a baby grows inside of a womens body even though i have done this before. Also how all the pain you go through during pregnancy is so worth it when you give birth to your healthy beautiful baby. I cant wait to have this child so i can meet her. She will be my miracle child after the horror of last year. I do feel pain for any parent that has gone through a miscarriage or multiple. As soon as i give birth and then after a few months go back to work i would like to organize a single moms group on wordpress. What would happen is i would organize activities for moms in general . Let’s make 2019 a great year for everyone.

Older Teens

Hi guys, long time no write !!! I have a situation on my hands and don’t quite know what to do yet but i know i have to do something soon. I thought that when your kids get older it gets easier but it seems like that isnt happening in my case. I used to think that if you put enough hard work and sacrifice into your family things would be ok. Apparently i thought wrong about that, so i start to second guess myself about everything up until this point. If anybody has any input please go to my comments section. I have been a parent for about roughly about 22 years and i am still learning everyday more and more. I just dont understand the part where i have been raising my kids for along time and now that one of them is eighteen she thinks that it is ok to be highly disrespectful to her only parent. Well on another note thank god my other older child that is twenty one doesn’t treat me in any negative manner. I guess in due time some kids will eventually learn on their own how hard it is in the real world, because it isnt easy at all. Life is what you make of it. I wish that teens would just know to automatically to respect their parents. Some parents also think that if you just let them do what they want that it is ok to parent themselves, which is wrong.

The Workforce and Independence

Are you feeling the same as me, maybe ? I have been a stay at home mom for along time. Today i signed papers to be back in the workforce and i must say it feels pretty good. I haven’t felt this way in a long time, I get to provide for my family. I adore the fact that i am a woman feeling empowered to be independent again. I am a bunch of emotions about going back into the workforce. I am going to show how hard i can work and enjoy this beginning work journey. I also feel so elated that i will succeed in what i am about to do. I always teach my children to be independent and always stay that way. It is very important these days to have your own money because certain type of male species think that it is okay to downgrade a woman . My advice to any young woman is always maintain independency even if you have a great partner. What do you guys think? I am on my way to to the promise land.

The Working Mom of America

Hi everybody, how is everyone ? I have been a mom for about twenty one years and i still havent found the balance between work and kids at least not an even balance. I know that the two are very important, your children and work.I do understand the reality of trying to balance everything but it isnt easy.I used to think that i could do it all, but how do you do it all? I can tell you how you do it all, by scheduling as much as possible. There is a way of doing all just with a little strategy. First you have to know your strenghts in what works for you.Second you just schedule everything accordingly. If there could be a handbook that would be better. But being a parent you learn as you go. I am not saying you wont make any mistakes but as long as you correct the mistakes that you have made that is what matters most. I can tell you what i have learned is that you cant let things stress you out either. I find that once you find your way you will be okay . If anybody has any new developments you can let me know in the comments. Thanks

Life and Children

Hey my wordpress audience, take a look at this. I have been a singe mom for a long time , one thing that i have learned being a single mom is that it isnt easy. I do know that you have to pick and choose your battles. The thing that isnt correct is when you choose to have a child with someone and they tell you that they want nothing to do with you or that child. You cant call yourself a father if you you dont care about them at all.I myself am going through some unnecessary stuff in a situation that someone i should not have chosen as a biological father. It is really tough to raise a child without the person that wanted to have this child with me. A support system for a single mom is essential to everyday life. I will be the first to admit that single momhood is difficult. If i could tell my younger self something it would be that taking time to to get to know someone before having a chid with the person. Also i would say to my younger self be very careful who choose. You also should not take for granted when you actually do find someone special to help you with children when you have them . Good men are very hard to find these days. The most important lesson you can learn in life when it concerns children is never lose focus .

Free Range Parenting

Hey WordPress,how is wordpress people doing? So my topic is free range parenting,as you can see.First i dont understand this new normal parenting,I am trying to understand this thing.How can a parent basically let their beautiful creation child parent themselves? I am thinking that the state of Utah is out of their mind passing a law for this new parenting.Are they putting their own kids in danger towards pedophiles,sex predators? I think they are putting kids in danger.So who is going to protect these kids now that they can parent themselves without proper adult supervision. The Utah governor Gary Herbert signed the bill. Was anybody using their brain when this decision was made? Utah is the first state to pass a law like this and hopefully the last too. I dont know about anybody else but i am not comfortable leaving my kids out on their own like that. I suggest that utah starts getting prepared to hear other parents that dont appreciate this new type of parenting. My question is why would you want to leave your kids alone at such a young age anyway? I think the old fashioned american way of parenting has been working fine for all these decades. Well tell me what you guys think about this. please feel free to comment and elaborate . goodbye until next time.

A Good Book

hi wordpress people, how is everyone doing ? how do you find a good read ? Well first you think about about what genre interest you and then search for any new books that author might have available to read. Sometimes books end up being more interesting than the movie. I enjoy many different genres and many different authors depending upon the topic ofcourse. I noticed that sometimes there isnt enough time to really read a whole book all the time. I wish i did have time to read a whole book. There are a few new books you should take a look at Tiffany Haddish, Kevin Hart,Teresa Giudice,Ian K.Smith. Those are some of the authors i enjoy reading their books. I still love the smell of a book when you open it. Let me know if there are any other books i should know about. later .